2025-2023 - Fall 2018 - Make Up Tryout Plan

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Tryout Equipment List

Time Drill
10 Min Zip and Skip Drill


  • 5 cones positioned around the net, top near the box
  • Player should pop-out or pop towards the ball to mimic getting open
  • Move the ball around the net, catch on the outside, turn, switch hands and pass on the outside
  • Move your feet to get ready to receive the ball
  • Run to the line you pass to
  • Quicker we move the ball the tougher the defense can recover
  • Receive the pass, one or two craddles, then make accurate pass

10 Min Star Drill
15 Min Crunch 3v2

This drill is used to shorten the field and have players play in a condensed field, helping kids move the ball more effectively with quicker passes. When players play on a larger field everything opens up.

  • Use Cones to section off the field from GLE to inside of the box
  • Have 3 lines of offense, and 2 lines of defense, and a goalie in the cage
  • Defenders stand out ready to play and we play 3 on 2
  • Offensive players must look for quick passes, if the ball goes outside the cones the next players go

10 Min 3 on 3 Add One
10 Min 5 Man Clear into 3v2

Teaches clearing the ball and transitions into 3v2

  • Need 5 players and a goalie
  • Setup 3 cones near the midfield line, 2 at the hash marks 1 in the center
  • 2 Players are at the hash mark at GLE, 3 players are on the cones up top.
  • Goalie clears to a GLE side, then pass to hash midfield side, then the middle
  • As soon as the ball is in the middle, the drill turns into 3v2
  • Midfield players play on offense vs 2 defenders
  • Variation: Have the defense clearing redirect it via a 40 yard pass across the field or back to the goalie

20 Min 4 on 4 Escalation