9/25/2021 - Practice

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Time Drill
5 Min Partner Passing
5 Min Active Stretching
5 min Warmup one laps around the field
10 Min North/South East/West Passing and Shooting
  • Two stations of balls
  • Morph from zero to 14
10 Min 2 Man Quick Shot
  • Quick shooting in front of cage
  • Use cones on either side of crease with balls, each line cuts and feeds
  • Put buckets about 2 yards in front of goal
  • One line cuts and the other feeds and quick shots
  • variation: make it a 45 degree angle and cut across the field and feed from down low, change it to top left and top right

10 Min Outside Shooting
  • 3 Cone run to mid line, fade back to diagonal, receive pass on the outside step and shoot
  • Alley Dodge Split to Rollback (start inside hand, down alley, split and rollback to shoot)
10 Min Run through Plays
  • 21, 53, Jumbo, 32, 12, deuce

15 Min Stations Man Up and Clearing Drill
  • Keagan, Zack, Paul, Tommy, Aidan, Connor, Jonas, Jack, Hayden

3 v 2 or 4 v 3 clearing Drill

  • Defense and goalies are behind the goal in 3 lines
  • 2 Lines of attack at the top box, 2 attack in the box, can't leave the box and work a 3v2 clear to the top of the box
  • If attack rides and gets the ball turns into 2v2 or 3v3
15 Min EMO vs Man Down

15 Min Stations: Faceoff's and Ground Ball / Sliding Drill

Line Bump Drill

  • Defensive guys try not to intercept
  • Phase 1 - Approach and Recover
    • 3 Cones in a line, 10-15 yards between cones
    • groups of 6, (3 dark and 3 light), each pair are on the cone
    • Middle cone acts like a crease guy, cover the middle guy and keep passing back and forth between outside cones
    • Pass the ball from one side to the other
  • Phase 2 - Sliding
    • Offensive outside guys try to dodge to middle cone, look to draw slide, inside guy slides and yells "away"
    • Offensive outside guy try to hit the guy in the middle, if he doesn't pass to the other cone

5 Min 3 Man (Amigo) new name and walkthrough
  • Must lock off adjacent
  • Hot and two must be loud
  • Constant rotating and talking
  • Don't let their best guy get the ball - Amigo (number on field to go after and lock off adjacent)
30 Min 6 v 6
  • 6v6 with clears and rides
10 Min Jog two laps around the field