9/28/2021 - Practice

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Time Drill
5 Min Partner Passing
5 Min Active Stretching
5 min Warmup two laps around the field
10 Min Quarter Back Line Drills
10 Min Keep Away - Man Down then More Defense
10 Min Pressure Cutting Drill and Shooting
  • Both Sides of the cage
  • Have a feeder at X (2 attack on either side of goal)
  • Cutter lines from the Alley's with chasers 1 step behind (setup cones)
  • Switch to cutters on left and right with chasers 2 steps behind (setup cones)
10 Min Double Team Drill
  • Players match up one-on-one running from the midline down the side alley.
  • Defender drives dodger down the alley, stays on his back hip/shoulder.
  • Once the offensive player crosses the restraining line, he tries to break across the line marking the side of the box.
  • A second defender slides from the middle of the “heart” to prevent the dodger from entering the box.
  • Focus on sliding under control, maintaining the double team and communicating.
  • The original defender should prevent the dodger from rolling back when the slide arrives.
10 Min Rotate Correctly within a man-down defense
  • 5 Offensive guys in a 3-3 or 2-3-1 (coach on the crease)
  • Man down defense in
  • Offense moves the ball around, defense looks to go ball - 1 - 2
  • At all times the 2 defenders need to be touching the crease guy
  • Players yell ball, 1 and 2

10 Min 2 v 1 Box Buildup to 6 v 5
10 Min 4 v 4 Pressure Drill
  • This drill involves four midfielders, two attackmen, two defensemen and a goalie
  • Offense has the ball in the box and must make four passes against shutoff pressure.
  • Once four passes have been completed, the offense may press for a score as the defense drops into a soft man to man coverage.
  • With each shot, goal, or turnover, the defense will look to clear the ball.
  • Once the ball is cleared, the offense becomes the defense and the defense becomes the offense.
  • This forces long poles to be involved in the transition game, and forces attackmen to work on their defense (riding) skills
  • With any loose ball or change of possession, four passes must be completed.
5 Min 3 Man (Amigo) new name and walkthrough
  • Must lock off adjacent, stay toe to toe
  • Hot and two must be loud
  • Constant rotating and talking
  • Don't let their best guy get the ball - Amigo (number on field to go after and lock off adjacent)
  • Take away the passing lanes if your the 2 guys
  • The hot guy must yell "away"
20 Min 6 v 6 or 3 v 3 with lines
10 Min Jog two laps around the field