9/7/2021 - Practice

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Time Drill
5 Min Active Stretching
5 min Warmup jog once around the field
10 Min Star Drill
  • Left, Right, Catch Left / Throw Right, Catch Right / Throw Left, Ground Ball
7 Min Keep Away 3 v 4 or 5 v 6 Passing - Be Comfortable with Panic
  • Setup out of bounds
  • 3 Offensive guys vs 4 defense guys passing
  • Use the cage as help
20 Min Crossfire Passing
20 Min Stations: Faceoff, 1v1 and 2v2 top and bottom, Goalie
  • Tom - Mack & someone else do faceoffs
  • Mike/Marcus - 1v1 and 2v2 Top and Bottom (start 1v1 switch to 2v2 after 10 min)
    • 1v1 Dodges: Come Around, Inside Roll, Rocker, Question Mark, Step Back, Float Dodge
    • Two Man Game: Pass Down / Pick Down, Pick / Slip, Pick / Roll, Mirror
    • Defense: Communication, Pick guy calls switch, Slide with purpose
  • Dave - Goalie: Blind Reaction, Knees Stick Save, Rapid Fire Shooting, Back to Goal turn and Save

10 Min Stacked Sliding Drill

Teaching kids defensive slide sets is important but difficult to implement in a game due to the chaos. An important principle for defenders to learn is how to slide and recover.

  • 4 offensive players in the four corners
  • Put a goalie in cage and put 3 defenders stacked in a straight lin in the middle of from the crease
  • Assign a number 1,2,3 to each of the defenders or call out their names
  • The offense should move the ball, keep spacing, and shoot only off a pass across the crease or skip pass
  • The defense will have to come out and slide to the ball and recover. The coach calls a number 1,2,3 and the designated player with that number is the player who must make the slide and recover
  • As the ball is passed, a coach calls another different number and the assigned player slides aggressively to the ball.
  • The first defender recovers to the inside hole, stick to the inside and in the passing lane, with head up looking for the next dangerous guy

20 Min Switzerland Drill
20 Min 6 v 6