Brine National Team Tryouts 2017 - 2024/2023

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The following Notes were taken while observing the Brine National Lacrosse Tryouts for the North Carolina 2024/2023 Team.

Date: 1/22/2017

Location: Duke Practice Fields

Tryout Setup

  • Tryout was conducted at the Duke Lacrosse Turf practice fields
  • There were 2 full fields
  • Boys high school occuiped 1 full field. The other field was was shared between a girls tryout and the boys 2024/2023
  • A registration booth was setup near the fields, which worked well

Tryout for Boys 2024/2023

  • 5 coaches, 2 with clipboards
  • There were 50-65 kids trying out for 23 roster spots
  • Brief introduction by the coaches

Tryout Drills

  • Boys were broken up into 5 groups
  • Line Drills
    • Righty outside with a shallow arc
    • Lefty outside with a shallow arc
    • Ground balls righty
    • Ground balls lefty
    • Rightly inside quick sticks
    • Lefty inside quick sticks
  • 1 on 1's top & bottom
    • Goalies passed the ball to the defender, the defender passed the ball to the offensive player
    • Middies not in drill stood in a line near the dividing line heading towards the goal, this forced the midfield to drive to one side (left or right)
    • Attack were able to pick a side at X to perform dodges, but had to catch the ball from the defender at an arc, so as to not quickly burn their defender (who was passing them the ball)
  • 4 on 4 Escalation
    • 4 lines of defenders and offensive players were placed just outside the box
    • Attack and Defense were behind the goal, midfielders were divided into offense and defense
    • The goalie passed a ball to the back left attack, where they went 1 on 1
    • After each attempt at goal, another 2 players (offense and defense) entered the drill and the play repeated until a 4 on 4
  • 6 on 6 Escalation
    • Same drill as above, but with 6 lines of defenders and offense, starting from a 1 on 1 to 6 on 6 (Note: This could have been an N-1 play, to mimic man down situations)
  • When the girls tryout ended the boys were able to finish with a full field scrimmage
  • Note: Goalies were rotated at regular intervals

Positive Observations

  • Check in went smooth, coach checking in was very informative and friendly
  • Plenty of space for parents and players to hangout and warmup
  • Coaches informed the kids that they would hear about making it within a week, good communication and follow thru as they heard within a couple of days
  • Escalation drills were good, it showed how attack could handle a 1v1 and the two man game, then involving the midfield to form a more complete picture

Negative Observations

  • Not enough coaches doing evaluations, the kid to coach ratio was way too high
  • Not enough coaches working to make sure kids were doing the drills correctly, for example some of the groups of line drills received very few coach interactions
  • There should have been two coaches running and getting the extra balls off the field during the escalation drills
  • Would recommend a drill coach and evaluator be paired up together
  • If 5 line drills then there should be 10 coaches (1 person to run the drill, the other to evaluate). The evaluators should have rotated to each line drill station
  • Many of the kids only got 4/5 touches on the ball during the game situation drills.
  • Coaches took approx 10 min explaining how to properly set picks, this was an elite player tryout, instruction should be very minimal.
  • No consideration was done for noting a kids strong hand or weak hand. Lefties or kids with no weak hand should have been evaluated on their own
  • Too many kids to for a half field evaluation