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The below lacrosse equipment recommendations are geared for new players and those under the age of 13.

Lacrosse Heads for Sale

  • Beginner: Black STX Stallion 200 with Stringking 3s Mesh - Mid Pocket - $25
  • Defense: White Nike Alpha with Stringking 3s Mesh - High Pocket - $40
  • Defense: Black Nike Alpha with Stringking 3s Mesh - High Pocket - $40
  • Midfield: Grey Maverik Centrik U with StringKing 3s Mesh - Mid/High Pocket - $75
  • Midfield or Attack: White Nike Lakota U with Stringking 3s Mesh - Mid Pocket - $60
  • Midfield or Attack: White Warrior Burn with Stringking 3s Mesh - Mid Pocket - $40
  • Midfield or Attack: White Brine King with Stringking 3s Mesh - Mid Pocket - $40

Lacrosse Retailers

Before buying check out these online retailers for the best prices and if any discounts or checkout codes exist.

Best Beginner Complete Stick

If your brand new to lacrosse and under the age of 8 or 9, I would recommend this stick as your first one. It's got a nice wide head which makes it easier to catch. I would recommend that you get the stick restrung, ask your local team coaches if they can restring it for you. The stick is usually sold at Dicks Sporting Goods and costs approx $30. If your child is new to the sport or if you are unsure if they will be enjoying it long term, then this is the stick for you.

  • STX Stallion 50

Lacrosse Heads

Below are a list of lacrosse heads that we would recommend. Shop around at the above websites to find the best deals. General Comments

  • Buy an X spec or Universal lacrosse head. They are a little wider at the narrowest part of the head, and High School spec sticks will be illegal in the near future
  • Kids usually like white heads as they get into the 12+ age range
  • Kids usually like white mesh and white shooter strings. In addition some dyed mesh can feel harder and more rigid giving the head a little less hold


Less then $50

  • Brine RP3 X - Usually right around $50

  • Brine Clutch Elite X - A nice head for a mid to high pocket, usually around $40

$50 to $80

  • StringKing Legend Intermediate - $80

$80 to $100+

  • STX Ultra Power - A truly awesome lacrosse head, best new technology of 2018. I've seen shot speeds increase by 3-5 mph for many kids

  • STX Stallion 700 - The best high pocket stick on the market in 2017

  • STX Surgeon 700 - The best low pocket stick on the market in 2017


Less then $50

  • Gait Torque 3 - Usually around $30 its a great head and can produce a great mid pocket stick

$50 to $80

  • Nike Lakota U - 4/2018 usually around $70

  • STX Stallion U 550 - Usually around $75 to $80

$80 to $100+

  • STX Stallion 700 - $89 2016/2017 best head on the market for price and usability

  • Maverik Tactik - Usually $99 a new head in 2016

  • Under Armor Command - Usually in the $90 range


Less then $50

  • Brine Triumph X - On Amazon for $33

  • STX Hammer U - Usually $50

  • Brine Edge X - One of the best selling heads of all time, usually around $35.

  • STX X10 - Usually $50 or under

$50 to $80

$80 to $100+

  • Maverik Havok - A great LSM or defensive head, so far best head of 2018

  • Maverik Tank U - The best defensive head on the market in 2016. Usually around $90.

Lacrosse Shafts

The best thing to do with lacrosse shafts is to go into a store and take a look at them before buying. Shafts are produced with many different materials such as Carbon Fiber, Metal Alloy, Scandium, Titanium and other composite or hybrid materials.


Less then $50

Gait Scandal - Usually around $40 its a lightweight shaft but still is tough. Good for U9 and U11 players.

$50 to $80

  • Gait Ice - Great shaft around $60, very lightweight but strong, good for U9 to U11 players


<coming soon>

Complete Sticks around $100

Several websites and Lacrosse manufactures are trying to build great complete sticks for under $100. Below are a list of a few of those sticks that I'd recommend.


  • String King Mark 1 A7150

  • STX Super Power + - Great for attack or middie


  • Nike Alpha with Project G Shaft - Good Defensive Head and shaft for $99

Mesh Recommendations

  1. Stringking 3s
  2. ECD Heromesh Semi Soft
  3. ECD Vortex Mesh