Middle School Girls Practice Plans

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Partner Passing back & forth between 4 cones

  • Setup 2 Cones about 10 yards apart
  • From those 2 Cones set 2 more cones 5 yards from there
  • Run from the outside cones in with catching and throwing, turn sideways to run or back peddle

Pick and Roll

  • Rules of the pick: defender must see you and stick close to your chest
  • Cone out the 12M and 8M
  • 4 Total girls in the drill (2 attackers and 2 defense)
  • Attack setup between the 12M and 8M about 6 feet apart
  • The inside girls goes down sets a pick on the outside girls defense
  • The attacker then drives to the outside, tries to go to goal, or pops to pass the roll
  • The picker than rolls to the goal and the girl with the ball passes it to her

Team Defense

  • Inside out defense
  • Good defense is about your footwork and body position, not necessarily all about your stick and trying to strip the ball
  • Work on forcing the girl away from the goal, outside the 12M
  • With good positioning and footwork you force the girl to make a bad pass or drop the ball
  • Limit the attacker on what they can do
  • Keep stick vertical and keep your hands on the girl, use your forearm to move them away

7 position 3 cone defense position drill

  • Setup 7 cones stations with 3 cones each, cones should go from inside the 8M to the 12M
  • Cones setup in 3-2-2 (3 above 12M, 2 in middle of 8M, 2 behind the goal
  • Girls call out got you left/right
  • Head on a swivel if 2 or more passes away, stop the cutter by stepping in their way
  • Pass the ball around and work on the defense

Clearing Transition

  • stop running straight at the ball carrier, spread out and look at the ball carrier