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4 Man Ground Ball into a 3v3

This drill was invented by Paul Myers. The goal of the drill is to reward the player who wins the ground ball with the opportunity to play offense. Defensively, this drill helps players drop back to the hole quickly and to find a man to cover.

  • Put a goalie in the net
  • Have 4 lines of guys at equal distance around the box (one line in each corner)
  • Have 2 additional lines of guys, one on each side of the box, in between the 4 guys fighting for the ball
  • The coach rolls the ball out, the 4 lines battle for the ground ball. The winner of the ground ball must break out, protecting the stick and the 3 guys that lose are now on defense
  • Upon possession, 1 guy from each of the middle lines runs out, and is on offense with the winner of the ground ball and the drill transitions into a 3v3