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Talk About Ground Balls

Its important to teach your players about how controlling ground balls can win games. The following points are good pieces of information to tell your kids.

  • The team that wins more "GB's" is going to get extra possessions and extra chances to score. It is that simple.
  • These extra possessions are also likely to be followed by "unsettled situations,"- a 4-on-3 Fast Break or 5-on-4 Slow Break of some kind.
  • Transition goals are easier to score because there is almost always an unbalance of players
  • Always scoop and and move the ball
  • Let's work on calling Ball/Man and not Man/Ball
  • Its important to make quick passes down field after winning a ground ball. The concept of "ground ball - pass - pass" gives us a high chance of scoring
  • After a ground ball, two guys should look to be adjacent for a quick pass, and someone should be backside pipe

Ground Ball Statistics

  • The team with the most possessions has a greater chance of winning the game
  • At the College Division 1 level each team gathers approx 30 ground balls per game
  • If you win exactly 50% of the ground balls you have a 50% chance of winning the game
  • The more ground balls you win the higher percentage your chance of winning the game are
  • Most ground balls are won after faceoffs
  • Let's say there are 60 ground balls per game. If our team wins 35 and they win 25 we now have a 60% chance of winning the game
  • Teams with a -5 ground ball differential win only about 1/4 of their games
  • If we win 10 more ground balls per game then our competition we have a 70% chance of winning the game