5/11/2019 - Summer Practice Plan

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Time Drill
5 Min Active Stretching
10 Min Star Passing Drill
10 Min Delta Drill
5 Min Water
10 Min Team Defense
  • Standard Defense
  • Omaha Defense
  • 3 Man
  • Heavy
10 Min 2 on 2's with 6 seconds then 10 seconds
5 Min Water
10 Min 3 on 3 Noodle Defense
10 Min Cabrini Hub Drill to 4V4

A great drill that is done in two phases. The first phase is used for defensive positioning and footwork, and offense swinging the ball around the goal. The second phase turns into a 4v4 with offensive players working on specific techniques.

  • Put a goalie in cage, add 4 cones around the goal in a diamond shape
  • Divide teams up with attack and some middies on one team, defense and some middies on the other. Spread these players around the field at the cones
  • Phase 1 of the Drill - Defensive Footwork
    • The offense looks to swing the ball around the goal, they must stay in their cone zone
    • As the ball is passed to the offensive guy, the defender sprints towards his man applies pressure. Defenders accelerate and arrive under control, using toe to heel transition. The defender can check the hands of the offensive guy, who is pretty much locked to his zone
    • When the ball is passed, that defender very quick moves or recovers back into the hole
    • Defensive Coaching: Approach, Break Down, Toe to Heel weight transfer, arrive with check, recover back to the hole
  • Phase 2 of the Drill - 4v4 with offensive techniques - Coach initiates phase 2 with a whistle blow
    • The offensive players begin in the diamond formation and we add techniques or little rules to the play
    • Offensive Coaching Must Begin: Invert Middies, Pass Down - Pick Down, Aggressive drive to the cage, Off Ball Pick, Isolate the short stick defender, Create picks to force short stick vs attack

5 Min Water
15 Min West Genny Sideways
10 Min Relay Races