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Lacrosse Plan started because there was no easy way to catalog drills and build practice plans quickly from those drills. We set out to create a wiki based off of the wikipedia software, that helped coaches easily build practice plans for their teams.

Our coaches are always thinking of “whats next” to make our players better, we realized we could build a better way to communicate with our players as well as share access controlled content such as plays and progress reports with with our teams. Welcome to Lacrosse Plan Teams which is the start of our goal to communicate more efficiently with our players.

The Offense Stands and Waits for the Ball Every Lacrosse Coach struggles to get their offense moving and specifically teaching kids to move off ball. We have all had practices where we try to get kids to move the ball around the goal or teach kids to cut and return, or cut and replace, or even worse kids bunch up next to each making themselves easy to defend. This can be frustrating for a coach as its a really simple concept to keep moving and to work together to space out creating passing and driving lanes. Learn about a fun game that teaches lacrosse motion offense. Basketball Players and Off-Ball Movement When kids start playing Basketball for the first time, they grasp the concept of off-ball movement much more quickly than Lacrosse players. This is most likely to the smaller sized court and the countless of hours of Basketball games ...
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Each end of the year, the best of the best Lacrosse programs travel to the Tampa Florida area to compete in the Dick's Sporting Goods Tournament of Champions. This tournament is one of the only true national tournaments in the country where you must earn a spot by winning one of 50 qualifying tournaments around the country. Red Devil United 2026/2027 Team In 2017 the Red Devil United 2026/2027 team won the qualifying tournament Virginia Beach Turkey Shootout. With the win we guaranteed our spot at the Dick's Sporting Goods Tournament of Champions. The 16 player roster traveled down to Wesley Chapel Florida where they played 3 days and 7 games of Lacrosse against great competition from Canada and the United States. Tournament Results The Red Devil United 2026/2027 team placed 4th at Dick's Tournament of Champions. The team won 4 games and lost 3. Full tournament details are available ...
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5th & 6th Grade CYLC vs LT Power
In a previous blog post we talked about some of the Travel Lacrosse Programs in the Raleigh North Carolina (NC) area. In this post we want to highlight some of the best North Carolina Youth Lacrosse in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill Metro area. What is Recreation Lacrosse? Recreation Lacrosse is usually from March to May and is the best time of year to get your kid started in the sport. The goal of rec Lacrosse is to help kids learn the skills necessary for taking your game to the next level. Practices and Games are competitive but don't have the travel commitments of travel programs in the area. North Carolina Youth Lacrosse Programs Below are our top 3 picks for best North Carolina Youth Lacrosse programs in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area. Each program is grouped by the cities and town's that are nearest to the practice fields ...
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We started this Fall season with a question on how can we keep the kids motivated and dedicated to self training at home. We encourage our kids to play multiple sports and love it when they do so, but Lacrosse is a sport of skill and repetition. The more you work on catching and throwing, dodging, cradling, sprints, and exercises at home the better you will get at our great sport. How we Kept Kids Motivated Having watched our own kids play hours and hours of Xbox and tablet games, we realized they are used to doing tasks for points and those points roll up to leaderboards. We then came to the conclusion that kids like competition and decided to build a website that would let kids earn points for submitting Lacrosse homework. We expanded upon the idea and built gamification, discussion forums and weekly extra point competitions such as ...
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It's important for coaches to have a wide variety of drills that get their players a ton of touches and keep them interested. Nothing is worse in practice then to have a bunch of unmotivated players, who are bored to death with doing the same drills over and over. A wide variety of drills means you can mix in some boring yet fundamental drills like Ground Ball Trains or Line Drills, which give kids a lot of repetition at necessary game mechanics. Players look forward to learning something new and if you can make that new thing competitive they thrive with a great ability to grow. Invent a Lacrosse Drill Competition At Lacrosse Plan we have homework for each of our players to do, each player submits their homework and receives points. These points are added up daily and the players are added to a leader board where they compete ...
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Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States and many countries around the world. We are starting to see rumors of expansion teams for the NLL, an explosion of Lacrosse programs on the west coast and many people moving from the North East down to southern states like North Carolina. This blog post is a guide to help aggregate some of the North Carolina lacrosse programs in the Raleigh Durham and great Research Triangle area ...
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