LT Power Box Lacrosse begins July 9th

The 2017 Summer season for Lacrosse Trainer’s box lacrosse is getting started on July 9th, and I’m really excited! Having attended a coaches meeting, hosted by Scott Olive and led by Jimmy Fey and Sean Gracey and to see the level of planning that these two great Red Devil coaches have done really pumped me up.

In short, they talked about the differences of play between outdoor and indoor lacrosse, for example how you split the goal in half and catch with the inside hand while running to the goal, which is different then what we teach in field lacrosse. They also talked about good habits and bad habits of indoor lacrosse, proper box substitution, how to manage on the field with a shot clock, how box lacrosse can improve the field lacrosse play, and specific drills for box lacrosse. It was clear, these guys knew what they were talking about having played in upstate New York and Canadian box leagues. In addition, they handed out coaches packets to the 9 coaches that will be there for the 4 sessions, which included practice plans, drills, and coaching reinforcement tips.

Really looking forward to seeing my field kids game grow with the 8 sessions at XL Sports in Apex. This will be another excellent program by Lacrosse Trainer / Red Devils. Oh and check out the awesome Box jersey’s that each of the kids will have the chance to order.

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