Lacrosse Trainer Box Lax Session 1 Recap

On Sunday 7/9/2017 Lacrosse Trainer had its first summer box lacrosse session at XL Sports in Apex. Players were broken up by age groups, with four 1 hour and 15 min sessions. Each session had between 4-9 coaches and 20-30 players. There were players from many of the local programs including the Cannons, Goblins, Bucktown, and Red Devils.

The session was led by Red Devil United coach Jimmy Fey and concentrated on purely instruction to get the kids up to speed quickly on the differences between field and box lacrosse. The coaching staff worked on the following concepts:

  • Team goalie warmups, where players formed an arc around a goalie in the 4 foot net. The goalies were taught where they should stand in the crease and proper positioning for each of the shooters. The shooters learned where to aim and how to take a proper on the run shot with their sticks chocked up and shooting overhand.
  • 1 vs 1 ground balls off the wall, where each player was taught how to box out, scoop with one hand on the wall, and how to properly drive around the crease, shooting before hitting center line of the goal.
  • 2 Man game from the midline, including how to bring the pick to the defender and how to roll with opening your stance to the ball handler to get a quick pass. It was stressed how the man setting the pick, is most likely the guy that will be able to take the shot, via the pick and slip.
  • 2 v 1 and how to constantly be moving offensively to recover and fill spots. The defense learned how to fill the gap and take up space in the middle of the field without over committing.
  • Box substitutions both offensively and defensively, transitioning the ball away from the substitution area and taking it to the back corner. Players were instructed who should sub and when, and how to run into the box doors to gain an extra 20 feet of ground on the substitutions.

Next week the players will be working on 15 min or so of instruction and then playing games for at least 45 minutes. It was a great introduction to indoor mechanics and there were many tips and tricks that the kids learned with each of the drills that were practiced. Looking forward to next week’s session!

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