Lacrosse and Boxing the Perfect Training Complement

Boxing may be the ultimate competitor sport. You are alone, have no team mates to rely on, at any moment you could take a punch and go down. It takes an immense amount of concentration, footwork, and hand/eye coordination to be able to compete at boxing.

At Lacrosse Plan and Red Devil’s we have been teaching our athletes the art of boxing for years. We have a system that helps young athletes get better at hand/eye coordination, can help them sense when a blow is coming, and increases their agility and footwork.

Boxing is just now being recognized as a primary conditioning and training tool for Lacrosse athletes. It was featured on a locker room tour of Duke University on ESPN and US Lacrosse Magazine mentioned it in an article about off season workouts.

We are lucky enough to have a former Golden Glove Heavy Weight Boxer, Mike Tucker, as part of the Lacrosse Plan and Red Devil Team who gives team and private lessons. Contact us if you would like to know more.

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