Tom from Red Star Lacrosse Coaching Tips

Watched a great video from Tom Ledin over at Red Star Lacrosse (video below). Tom and a few of his peer coaches complied a list of Lacrosse Tips for parents and players. Below is the list summarized with my commentary in green.

Tom Ledin’s Tips

  1. Learn to String – Mesh and Strings often break and wear down, start first by repairing your stick, buy some sidewall string and have it on hand to make a quick repair. Ask your coach how to get started string sticks.
  2. Understand the Rules of the Game – This is important to do as the rules change often. US Lacrosse publishes the rules yearly and as well as summary videos for each age classification.
  3. Play Up (if given the opportunity) – Playing with bigger, faster, stronger kids in practice gives you the opportunity to get better, for travel season I’d recommend playing with your age group, but for box lacrosse or spring rec certainly look to play up, but talk to your coaches before making a decision.
  4. Don’t ask to play up – For the travel seasons coaches must balance rosters with the grade/age levels and there are always a list of kids that are on the radar to move up. Coaches know the strengths and weaknesses of your child, they should make the decision if your child should play up.
  5. Parents Relax – This is youth lacrosse, parents need to trust their coaches that they are making their kids better, approach coaches and ask questions for clarity but trust in what they say. If you ask for feedback about your kid, be prepared to back up what the coach is suggesting and re-enforcing it with your child. A Coach & Parent helping a kid as a unified front will always produce better outcomes for the problem that is being addressed.
  6. Let your coach know if you have a learning disability or anything that may make it difficult for a player to absorb information – This is an excellent suggestion from Tom, knowing a kids capabilities for learning is immensely helpful for coaches to better adjust their teaching styles.
  7. Do Not Shoot on the goal when someone is picking up balls
  8. Be Smart on Ball Hunts – There is nothing more frustrating then wasting precious time on collecting balls for the next drill.
  9. Learn teammate’s shooting tells – Learn when your team mate is going to shoot, helps with backing up shots
  10. Shoot Smart – Always look for the better shot, give up the OK shot for the better, give up the better shot for great shot
  11. Make sure your stick is Legal before every game
  12. Be Cool – Don’t yell at your team mates for mistakes – Hogan Lacrosse has an excellent video about “Dudeism – A threat to Teamwork” that goes into much more detail about how to treat team mates.
  13. Don’t question the refs – No palms up, don’t argue with a ref if called on a penalty
  14. Don’t be a tough guy on the lacrosse field
  15. Cut your finger nails
  16. Wear Deodorant
  17. Dry your pads after getting wet – A good way to do this is to use fans in your garage and stuff newspaper into your gloves, mesh, and arm pads to dry them out after practice
  18. Be Excellent to Each Other

Check out Tom’s video below to get the full detail about his tips.

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