Invent a Lacrosse Drill Winner!

It’s important for coaches to have a wide variety of drills that get their players a ton of touches and keep them interested. Nothing is worse in practice then to have a bunch of unmotivated players, who are bored to death with doing the same drills over and over. A wide variety of drills means you can mix in some boring yet fundamental drills like Ground Ball Trains or Line Drills, which give kids a lot of repetition at necessary game mechanics. Players look forward to learning something new and if you can make that new thing competitive they thrive with a great ability to grow.

Invent a Lacrosse Drill Competition

At Lacrosse Plan we have homework for each of our players to do, each player submits their homework and receives points. These points are added up daily and the players are added to a leader board where they compete for prizes. Each week we try to have active competitions to give kids the ability to earn extra points. Last week we ran a competition for our members where each player was given the opportunity to invent a drill. We got a few great ideas submitted by our players. Each player who submitted a drill received 45 points!

Winning Drill

The winner of the Invent a Lacrosse Drill Competition was Paul Myers with his 4 Man Ground Ball into a 3v3 drill. All the drills were great, but this one had the best mechanics for one of the most important aspects of the game which is winning possessions. Paul will receive 45 Lacrosse Plan points as well his drill added to the Drill Library.

Point Winners

Congratulations to the below players who submitted unique drill ideas.

Name Drill Points
Madeline Wells Blindfold Communication Drill 45
Marcus Myers Motion Offense Drill 45
Harrison Murray Partner Wall Ball 45

Lacrosse Plan Drill Library

We have a ton of drills published on our wiki. Have a look and let us know if you would like access to start creating your own drills on our site. You will also have the ability to quickly create practice plans based on those drills.

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