Lacrosse Plan Homework Prize Drawing

We started this Fall season with a question on how can we keep the kids motivated and dedicated to self training at home. We encourage our kids to play multiple sports and love it when they do so, but Lacrosse is a sport of skill and repetition. The more you work on catching and throwing, dodging, cradling, sprints, and exercises at home the better you will get at our great sport.

How we Kept Kids Motivated

Having watched our own kids play hours and hours of Xbox and tablet games, we realized they are used to doing tasks for points and those points roll up to leaderboards. We then came to the conclusion that kids like competition and decided to build a website that would let kids earn points for submitting Lacrosse homework. We expanded upon the idea and built gamification, discussion forums and weekly extra point competitions such as “invent a drill”, “household chores”, and “workout videos”.

What we Learned

The kids thrived and jumped right in immediately. After a few weeks we saw noticeable improvements into how many pushups the kids could do, how many extra sprints they did at practice, and most importantly that they worked on stick skills at home. In addition it introduced new computing concepts to kids and let them be part of an access controlled online community. In the process of getting kids to work hard on their own at home we had the following unintended positives.

  • Kids learned about email and how to register on a website
  • The participated in an online discussion forum
  • They worked on their typing skills
  • They improved their lacrosse IQ by being creative with our contests
  • Many of the kids learned about video editing

End of Season Homework Prizes

At the end of the season we got together and had our prize lottery. Each player earned points throughout the season, the more points a kid had the greater their chances were at winning a prize. There were over 3,000 points earned as a team, with the highest amount earned by an individual was 484. With each point you essentially earned a ticket into a raffle. We wrote a small program that randomly picked an individual for each round. The more tickets in the raffle the better your odds were of winning. We had 11 prizes to give away, a kid could only win once.


The kids got to pick from the below prizes:

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