Red Devil United 2026/27 at Dick’s Tournament of Champions

Each end of the year, the best of the best Lacrosse programs travel to the Tampa Florida area to compete in the Dick’s Sporting Goods Tournament of Champions. This tournament is one of the only true national tournaments in the country where you must earn a spot by winning one of 50 qualifying tournaments around the country.

Red Devil United 2026/2027 Team

In 2017 the Red Devil United 2026/2027 team won the qualifying tournament Virginia Beach Turkey Shootout. With the win we guaranteed our spot at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Tournament of Champions. The 16 player roster traveled down to Wesley Chapel Florida where they played 3 days and 7 games of Lacrosse against great competition from Canada and the United States.

Tournament Results

The Red Devil United 2026/2027 team placed 4th at Dick’s Tournament of Champions. The team won 4 games and lost 3. Full tournament details are available at tourney machine.

Record Goals Goals Average Goals Against GA Average
4-3 37 5.2 36 5.1
Date Opponent Results
Dick’s Tournament of Champions – Florida
12/29/2017 Team 91 Savages (FL/NY) W, 7-5
12/29/2017 Six Nation Warriors (ON Canada) W, 9-4
12/30/2017 3D Georgia 2026 (GA) W, 6-2
12/30/2017 Brady’s Bunch (MA) L, 3-5
12/30/2017 Six Nation Warriors (ON Canada) L, 5-8
12/31/2017 3D Georgia 2026 (GA) W, 6-4
12/31/2017 Team 91 Savages (FL/NY) L, 1-8

Trip Details

The Red Devil United team played a total of 7 games. The team started off with a 3-0 run, against three very good teams and didn’t have their first loss until the 2nd day. The team faced some of its best competition, with players skilled at all positions. Every team was at equal skill level and it provided some very close and challenging games, where at any point any team could win.

RDU getting ready to take the field

On Saturday night the team went out to dinner, and had a great time at a BBQ place. All 16 families celebrated two birthdays and had a blast jumping from table to table to socialize with the great RDU families.

The second and third days, our young team (average 9 years old, vs other teams with average ages of 10), became tired and lost some of the spark we had in the first three games. Seven games in 3 days with a 15/16 kid roster is alot to ask, but the kids played extremely well and now know what it will take to compete and win at the national level. The RDU families all live within 10 miles of each other, and these kids have many many more years of lacrosse ahead of them. I’m confident the Dick’s Sporting Goods tournament will know this team well, by the time they graduate high school.

All Star Team

Two Red Devil United players were selected for the All Star Team. Coaches voted on one player from each opposing team during the first two days of play, as well as one of their own players. There were a total of 10 players selected from the five teams.

Congratulations to RDU goalie Grant and attack Sam for being selected! Grant was the best goalie at the tournament with the lowest goals against rating. Sam was one of the top 5 leading scorers at the tournament with more than 15 goals.

Grant making a great top shelf save
Sam driving to the goal from X
Sam and Grant with their All Star plaques

Overall Impressions of the Tournament

The Dick’s Sporting Goods Tournament of Champions was a fantastic opportunity for the Red Devil families that drove and flew down to Tampa. The coaches made sure to ask each family if they felt it was worth, taking the time over the holidays, to play lacrosse games in Florida. Each family said with a resounding yes that it was worth it.

As a coach, I thought the tournament was very well run, the officials were top notch, the organizers were highly available and clarified rules. I was impressed by the sportsmanship of some of the parents, coaches, and players of the opposing teams, especially The Six Nation team out of Ontario Canada. The officials were excellent in controlling mis-behaving parents on an opposing team, this was the first tournament that I’ve been to, where officials stopped the game and asked coaches to go to the sideline and tell parents to stop yelling (to clarify, the Red Devil parents were not the guilty parties).

I highly recommend this tournament for any teams that win a qualify event. The players and families had a wonderful time and in 2018 RDU coaches have goals to go back with multiple teams.

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