Laxketball a Great Game to Teach Lacrosse Motion Offense

The Offense Stands and Waits for the Ball

Every Lacrosse Coach struggles to get their offense moving and specifically teaching kids to move off ball. We have all had practices where we try to get kids to move the ball around the goal or teach kids to cut and return, or cut and replace, or even worse kids bunch up next to each making themselves easy to defend. This can be frustrating for a coach as its a really simple concept to keep moving and to work together to space out creating passing and driving lanes. Learn about a fun game that teaches lacrosse motion offense.

Basketball Players and Off-Ball Movement

When kids start playing Basketball for the first time, they grasp the concept of off-ball movement much more quickly than Lacrosse players. This is most likely to the smaller sized court and the countless of hours of Basketball games they see on TV or at the park. Kids just seem to naturally understand they need to move when playing Basketball.

While playing Basketball kids also learn how to pass the ball to the open man, how to set picks and screens, and how to perform “give and go” type plays. These are all concepts that good Lacrosse players employ as part of their arsenal of tricks.

So how can we use that “built-in” knowledge to translate to Lacrosse? Easy we bring Lacrosse to the Basketball court!


Laxketball is simply playing Lacrosse on a Basketball court. This drill gets kids on a basketball court with their lacrosse sticks in a situation where it is not easy to score. Coaches should enforce the importance of passing to the open man.

The objective of the game is to score points by shooting a tennis or lacrosse ball at the basketball hoop. Games are low scoring, but the action is fast pace and kids move without even thinking.

Game Setup

  • Divide the kids into two equal teams, dividing long poles across the teams
  • Equipment Used
    • Using Lacrosse Balls – Helmet, Gloves, and Stick
    • Using Tennis Balls – Gloves and Stick
  • Coach shall use a full length basketball court and play 5 on 5
  • Start the game with a Woman’s faceoff draw
  • Play Basketball with Lacrosse sticks
  • A coach or parent can referee


  • No stick checks, defense should be played with your feet
  • No body checks, if the ball is on the ground, coach can stop play to make sure injuries don’t occur
  • Players can block passes without hitting the opponents stick
  • If a stick check occurs while shooting, its considered a shooting violation and the player shall get two free throws
  • Since scoring will be low, with free throws, if the first one goes in, the player does not shoot the second one
  • All baskets made are 1 point, we want to encourage players to get closer to the net rather than shooting 3 pointers

Benefits of Laxketball

There are numerous benefits of playing Laxketball, some of them are:

  • It can be played in the winter and at lighted courts. During the winter months, coaches battle with daylight, playing Laxketball indoors or in lighted courts gives you more options to teach your kids during the week days.
  • Teaches kids lacrosse motion offense with their lacrosse sticks in their hands. Do this a couple times early in the season and you will see kids move without thinking when you hit the field.
  • Picks and screens just come natural on the basketball court
  • Driving and dishing to the open man
  • Playing defense with your feet
  • Play Laxketball for 30-60 minutes and then play actual Basketball, it can be a fun alternative for kids

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