About Us

About Us

The Gator Lacrosse Club is for middle school children that will be attending Green Level High school in Cary NC. The team is managed through Lacrosse Trainer in Apex NC, but will consist of middle school kids that are currently enrolled in Mills Park Middle School and Salem Middle School. We believe that all players have unique talents that allow them to contribute at some level while playing Lacrosse. Our coaching staff has the unique ability to figure out where kids can immediately contribute building up their confidence and a baseline for the players to grow. Our coaches are students of the game and continue to learn through coaching conferences and Laxcon. 

Core Values

  • Everything Matters – take care of the little details
  • Mental Toughness – beat a man to the end line
  • Always Compete – each drill fosters healthy competition
  • Never Negative – players keep positive attitudes at all times
  • Next Play – When a mistake is made, quickly reflect and move on


Create Opportunities

Our philosophy on offense is to always look to create opportunities, whether it be through dodging, drawing a double and dumping, or quickly capitalizing on a ground ball and movement to the weak side of the field. 

Team Accountability

Each player is accountable to one another and self, we foster an atmosphere of team first before the individual 


On defense seven minds working together have a high degree of improving our ability to stop the offense from scoring. We teach a team defense that averages less than 4 goals scored on per game. 

Multiple Positions

Many programs keep kids at specific positions, our philosophy is kids should play at least two positions. For example every attackman will learn to play goalie, this helps them figure out on their own where to shoot when on offense.

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