Equipment Recommendations

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Last Updated 11/23/2021

Lacrosse Retailers

Before buying check out these online retailers for the best prices and if any discounts or checkout codes exist.

Best Beginner Complete Stick

If your brand new to Lacrosse, I'd recommend the StringKing Complete line of sticks. They come with great mesh and pockets and are reasonably priced.

Ages 9 and Under

Ages 10-13

Above 13

  • Buy one of the sticks listed below

Lacrosse Heads

Below are a list of lacrosse heads that we would recommend. Shop around at the above websites to find the best deals. General Comments

  • Buy an X spec or Universal lacrosse head. They are a little wider at the narrowest part of the head, and High School spec sticks will be illegal in the near future
  • Kids usually like white heads as they get into the 12+ age range
  • Use white mesh to blend in with the ball, shooters and sidewalls can be any color, but white shooters also are helpful to make sure the ball isn't as visible. In addition some dyed mesh can feel harder and more rigid giving the head a little less hold

Attack & Midfield


Face Off


Lacrosse Shafts

Lacrosse shafts are mostly a preference thing. It might be best to go into Lacrosse Unlimited and test them out. Depending on the style of player, you may want a stronger shaft vs a lighter shaft. You will want a stronger shaft for the player that likes doing one handed checks, or cross checks with his hands slightly wide. Offensive players will want a lighter shaft.

There really isn't a reason to spend more than $100 for a 40 inch or $175 for a 60 inch Lacrosse shaft. In fact, you can get good deals on shafts at the Lacrosse Monkey clearance section: . If you are looking for a newer shaft see the list below.

Attack & Midfield


Spending alot of money on a defensive lacrosse shaft may be a mistake. They tend to break with an agressive defender. I would look to pick up a shaft from the clearance sections of the following stores:

Some Clearance Ideas

Mesh Recommendations

Value Companies