Word Glossary

From Lacrosse Plan Drills

Below are a list of terms and words the coaches use during a game.

Defensive Terms


  • Tells defense to back pedal or side run and follow his man looking to push him out of the funnel without over committing. We want to make sure the defender only concentrates on not getting beat, don't go for a take away or stick.


  • Instructs kid to hit the stick and go for body


  • X attacker crossing GLE from behind, the defense should be ready to poke check
  • Midfield going towards the goal needs to be played with pokes until he reaches "pipe" then defender can lay off

Sticks Up

  • Protect the Passing Lanes

Check Sticks

  • Tells defender to come down on the cutters sticks

Head on a Swivel

  • Let's the defender know he should watch the ball and his man at regular intervals

Open your Stance

  • Tells the defender to position himself where he can quickly see the ball and his man

Slide & Recover

Sliding is easy, a defenseman gets beat and a team mate slides to cover the ball. The difficult part is recovering when you are the man getting beat. We teach the kid who was beat to recover to the hole and cover the offensive man who is no longer covered.

Slide & Recover & Fill

When we have a 2 person slide, its important for the first guy to fill the spot of the last guy.

You You

With a ground ball, tells the person scooping the ball to scoop through and get the ground ball

Goose Left or Goose Right

When going after a ground ball, if there is a 2nd man running with you, the 2nd man tells the first to hockey stick move or kick the ball to the left or right

Clearing Terms

Live Ball

Dead Ball



Banana Cuts


Turn to the Outside

Turn away from pressure

Run to Daylight

Tells a player to run to an open area of the field to avoid pressure



Over the top

Quick Strike


Called by another player, tells the guy scooping the ball to turn to the outside & run down the lane. Basically saying once you scoop the ball turn to the outside because their is free space for you to run.

Offensive Terms


  • Tells another offensive player to "fill" the position that you are vacating

Offensive Sets

Calling out the numbers below tells the kids how many players are in the crease, which translates to the sets formations.


3-2-1 - 3 at the top of the box, 2 at GLE, 1 at X


2-3-1 - 2 at the top of the box, 2 at GLE and 1 in the crease, 1 at X


1-4-1 - 1 at the top of the box, 2 at GLE and 2 in the crease, 1 at X