Wall Ball Practice Plan

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Wall Ball Drills

Lacrosse fundamentals are the key to a successful lacrosse career. Below are some drills for Red Devil United Wall Ball Clinics.

20 Minute a Day Drills

Each day, do each of the eight exercises below for 2 minutes, 30 seconds.

Right Overhand Throw and Catch

Standing 8-10 feet from wall, throw and catch using overhand technique. Limit yourself to one cradle between exchanges. Focus on a spot on the wall that will return the ball back to you in “the box” near your head.

Left Overhand Throw and Catch

Same as above, only this time with your left hand.

Right One Hand

With your right hand, hold your stick about at the halfway mark. From 6-10 feet away, throw and catch with one hand.

Left One Hand

Same as above, only this time with your left hand.

Throw Right, Catch Left

Remain at 8-10 feet from the wall and continue using overhand technique. Throw with your right hand and switch to your left when the ball is in the air. Catch the ball, switch back to your right (think split dodge) and repeat.

Throw Left, Catch Right

Same as above, reversed.

“Canadian” Left Throw and Catch

Hold the stick as you would if throwing and catching right-handed, but position your stick on the left side of your body.

“Canadian” Right Throw and Catch

Hold the stick as you would if throwing and catching left-handed, but position your stick on the right side of your body.

Behind the Back

For 1 minute, 15 seconds with each hand, throw the ball behind your back and catch it as you normally would “in the box.”

Run the Wall

If the wall is long enough, run along it for 10-12 yards while throwing against it and catching the rebound. When you reach the end of the wall, turn around and repeat using your opposite hand.

Footwork Drills

Footwork drills and increased lateral movement help a young lacrosse player keep up with the competition.

Ladder Drills

Using the ladder can greatly improve foot speed. Do these simple drills to get started

Foot In Each

Start behind the ladder. lead with each foot stepping 1 foot per square.

Feet in Each

Start behind the ladder facing down it. Step with either foot into the first square, followed by the second foot into the same square. Repeat the drill leading with the other foot.

Side Step Lateral

Facing sideways, take a quick lateral step by pushing off your back leg and touch each box with two feet.

Jump Rope Drills

Quick Feet

Basic jump rope with both feet on the ground, at the same time while your turning the rope as quickly as you can jump up with both feet.

One Foot

Same as above but keep one foot off the ground and jump with one foot.


Using Tennis or soft lacrosse balls we can play 5 on 5 scrimmage with coaches in goal.


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